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I grew up in the small town of Guilford, located on the shoreline of Connecticut with my wonderful family who has always believed in me and cheered me on with whatever path I chose. I am the youngest of three, and learned most of what I know from my older brother and sister. I admittedly confess that I was a nerd in High School and would lock myself in my room and study for hours until I couldn’t study anymore. However, this did not stop me from having fun with my friends, and playing Field Hockey and Tennis throughout my four years of High School. I graduated and went on to College at UCONN where I spent four years having the absolute time of my life. I met some amazing friends and experienced the true meaning of independence. I graduated from UCONN with a degree in Business and began working as an Events Planner at HealthNet, which was a LOT of fun. I did enjoy the time I spent there, but I knew deep down that it was not what I was “meant” to do long term. During this time I started to do some research on what I really wanted to do, I shadowed jobs in different fields and made the decision to up and leave the reliable world of business and go back to school to get my Masters in School Counseling. Everyone was shocked… “but you have a degree, why would you throw that away..”? I didn’t feel I was throwing it away, but rather moving forward. My family supported me and helped me make the change and I honestly could not have done it without them. I spent the next three years of my life working full time and going to school at night full time. During this time, I met Dave… (you guys might know him, brown hair, blue/green eyes, about 5’7’’.. yea well anyway: ) I graduated in May of 2009, and began working at the American School for the Deaf as a School Counselor in August of 2009. I did not know American Sign Language at the time, nor did I ever dream or have a plan to work at a School for the Deaf. However, the opportunity came my way, the hiring committee believed in me a bit more than I did in myself and here I am today going into my third year of working at ASD. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I am in the field and doing the thing that I was meant to do. I absolutely LOVE my job, adore the children and have never looked back on leaving the world of business to move into the unknown. So, here I am embarking on a new phase of my life and could not be happier. I have the best friends a girl could have, an amazing fiancé and a family who has stood by me through it all. I must say… when I sit back and think, I sure am one lucky girl!


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