Dave & Melissa's - Our Story
Dave & Melissa's - How We Met
South Norwalk Barcelona

My brother Joe, who works for GE, was attending his yearly Christmas party in downtown South Norwalk and invited my sister Aleisha and I out as some of his coworkers were continuing the night at a local restaurant, Barcelona. Aleisha and I had just recently moved to Norwalk as she had just landed a teaching position in the area and I was starting my Masters program at Fairfield University, which made us…roommates!! It was a cold December night, December 14th to be exact and I was reluctant to go. It was so chilly and I thought to myself, “why go out with a bunch of people you don't know when you could sit home and sip hot cocoa curled up on the sofa watching some girly television shows”? After some coaxing from my sister, who was always up for going out, and thinking to myself that maybe I did need to get out and meet some people since I was new to the area. I decided to go. I threw on a plain black crewneck t-shirt and some jeans and we headed on our merry way.

When we got to Barcelona, my brother introduced us to everyone he worked with. They all seemed very nice, going out of their way to make sure my sister and I were comfortable. After some time, another guy joined the group and before I knew it we were chatting away about everything and nothing at all. I thought to myself, this guy is pretty nice and we seem to have a lot in common. Before I knew it, the night had flown by and it was getting late. My sister and I decided to go home, and I told “this guy” I had been chatting with that we were going to head out since we both had to get up early the next day. He seemed a little disappointed, but said okay and that it was nice meeting me.

My sister and I headed out of the restaurant and got held up for one reason or another, probably chatting with someone because we are very good at that. So I decided to knock on the glass of the restaurant window to wave goodbye to all of my new friends one last time. Before I knew it, the guy I had been talking with all night came outside to where my sister and I were standing and nervously asked me something. I could not hear a word he said, so I asked “what did you say”? His friends through the glass were staring, pointing, and laughing at us as he nervously asked me again...“can I have your phone number”? I smiled for a second, thinking it was some kind of joke, but then thought...I think this guy is serious, so I said “sure”. The very next day I mysteriously got a text message from a guy named Dave. I thought...Dave, that’s a nice name...and the rest was history!

Dave & Melissa's - The Proposal
Will You Merry Christmas Me?

After three months of going back and forth with my jeweler, I finally had the ring. It was perfect! It was exactly what Melissa wanted. I felt great and all of the anxiety of forking over a small fortune quickly disappeared. I was on top of the world…at least for five minutes. Soon I realized that I now needed to come up with the proposal. It was a few weeks after Melissa's 28th birthday, so there went that idea. I had nothing!

I then spent the next two months racking my brain. I kept telling myself that it had to be unique, meaningful, and most of all, memorable. I also wanted it to be private, as Melissa and I both don't like to be the center of attention. What to do? The pressure was on.

It was one morning, just after Thanksgiving, while lying in bed not wanting to get up for work, that it came to me. I was excited. It was going to be unique. It was going to be meaningful. I would soon come to learn that it would also be memorable.

Christmas time had become extra special to Melissa and I, as we first met a couple weeks prior to Christmas of 2006. We had also made it a tradition to find a local tree farm and cut down our own tree. This year would be no different and this was where I had decided it would happen. I would make Melissa an ornament with the words, “Will You Merry Christmas Me?” on it. Genius!

My plan quickly came together. I would bring the ornament with me to the tree farm. Once we found our tree, I was going to sneak the ornament onto the tree and yell out to Melissa, “hey this tree already has an ornament on it!” I would step back behind her to let her inspect the tree, get down on my knee with the ring in hand, and wait for her turn around to me. She was going to love it…well, she would have loved it, but it was so darn cold and windy that day that I had to call it off.

I was in full panic. Plan “A” was a complete failure and it took me months to think of it. Now I needed a plan “B”, and I needed it immediately. That same night we decided to decorate our tree. The fireplace was going, Christmas music was playing, and Sadie (our cat) was batting ornaments all around the house. We were almost done decorating and it suddenly came to me, a variation of the original plan.

We finished decorating the tree and Melissa and I stood staring, admiring our work. The tree was done…so she thought. I “happened” to find one more ornament to be strung. I handed Melissa my newly crafted ornament and said, “hey babe, I found one more. Can you please hang it up on the tree, right there in the middle.” She took the ornament from my hand and started toward the tree. I stepped back, got down on one knee, and pulled out the ring. After about 5 seconds, Melissa turned to me with a perplexed look. I smiled and then nervously exclaimed “Will you marry me?” I put the ring on her finger and after a good 45 seconds of half excited, half nervous, “Oh my Gods!” and “is this happenings?”, Melissa said “YES!”