Dave & Melissa's - The Wedding Party
Dave & Melissa's - Matron of Honor
Aleisha Bruce - Matron of Honor

Aleisha Bruce
(Sister of the Bride)

My sister, whose got it all together, is seventeen months older and always a step ahead of me showing me the way. Couldn’t imagine my wedding day without her by my side!

Dave & Melissa's - Bridesmaids
Colleen Artymiak - Bridesmaid

Colleen Artymiak
(Friend of the Bride)

From GHS field hockey, to late nights out at UCONN, we’ve been through it all.... and laughing the whole way through.

Michelle Mackeil - Bridesmaid

Michelle Mackeil
(Friend of the Bride)

Known each other since Cox Elementary School, but really got close when we were both thrown into the world of Uconn. Navigating our way through life at college, job hunting, and life after college... always right there going through it together one step at a time.

Diana Novak - Bridesmaid

Diana Novak
(Cousin of the Bride)

We were the ones who always wanted to play barbies and dress up and sing karaoke during family holidays… everyone else was too cool, but little did they know we were actually the cool ones!

Dave & Melissa's - Flower Girls
Ella Nelly - Flower Girl

Ella Nelly
(Niece of the Bride)

This little one has brought so much happiness into my families lives, when we needed it the most. She is a ray of light, a beacon of hope and such a sweet and precious soul.

Melissa Nelly & Emma Nelly - Flower Girl

Emma Nelly
(Niece/Goddaughter of the Bride)

An undeniable bond since the day she was born, my goddaughter, my right hand sidekick. Loves to jump, bounce and climb anything she can…such a good little helper and always ready for a challenge.

Avery Richard - Flower Girl

Avery Richard
(Niece of the Groom)

A bundle of energy, a fierce go get ‘em personality but a true ballerina at heart. She loves to paint, cook and play quietly… but holds her own when it’s time to play with the boys!

Dave & Melissa's - Best Man
Daryl Fetzko Best Man

Daryl Fetzko
(Friend of the Groom)

Big D, what can I say, just an all-around great guy. A star baseball player in his youth who transformed into a beer pong sharp shooter during our UConn years. 4.5 years as roommates, getting blackballed out of Pike, the messing with Red’s final Accounting paper (Oops!), road trips to Tampa and NC, impromptu Final Four trip to St. Pete to watch the Huskies take down the Dukies for their first of 3 championships, tailgating at Rentschler Field….I could go on and on. Great times all around. I couldnt ask for a better man to be my Best Man. Vegas baby!

Dave & Melissa's - Groomsmen
Florin Arghirescu - Groomsman

Florin Arghirescu
(Friend of the Groom)

As an avid history buff, Florin has more knowledge on the “Battle of Gaithersburg” than anyone I know. On a chilly Thanksgiving Day morning, the Phil Collins look-alike beat me by 6 seconds in the Stratford Turkey Trot of 2008. When you see Florin at the wedding ask him how he has done against me ever since. Terms like "fluke" and "statistical anomaly" may come to mind …all kidding aside, Flo has been a great friend ever since we met at GE over 11 years ago, where we coined the phrase “substink”, shared many laughs, discussed politics, won a few beer pong games, lost a few can jam games, and headed out to the diner instead of prepping for an upcoming 15k race way more times than we should have.

Jason Geise - Groomsman

Jason Geise
(Friend of the Groom)

Jay has been busting my chops since we were 11 years old…but he did take some time out to teach me how to play ping pong. Jay was always better than me at sports, and even on the rare occasions when I got to teach him something (8-ball and 9-ball billiards), he would quickly become better than me at it. But it was always a blast when we would team up in a backyard wiffle ball tournament to take home the championship…well, we took it about 20 yards from Geise Memorial Stadium (giant green monster (tarp) in right, stacked wood from left to center with blue tarps draped over, and flood lights strung up the trees for night games) to Jay’s kitchen where I would raid the candy drawer.

Scott Mulloy Hartford Marathon

Scott Mulloy
(Friend of the Groom)

I know what you are thinking and no, that’s not Landon Donovan. Nor is that a photo of Dave Mathews chomping on some food after his Hartford Half Marathon. That really is the lesser known author of the book “Using Visual J++ 6”….nerd! When Scott and I weren’t busy padding our 35-3 record as Can Jam partners, he found time to train for and finished the 2010 New York Marathon….huge accomplishment! Is there any way you can bring your Foosball table to the wedding? I am sure Melissa wont mind.

Dave & Melissa's - Ring Bearers
JT Nelly - Ring Bearer

Joseph Thomas Nelly
(Nephew of the Bride)

This little guy is such a ball of love, making us smile with his every word. A peacemaker, making sure everyone is playing fair and no one is upset. A little charmer and such a good big brother.

Landon Richard - Ring Bearer

Landon Richard
(Nephew/Godson of the Groom)

A whiz kid since the day he was born. Landon knows what he wants and doesn’t stop until he gets it…loves Star Wars, legos, transformers, soccer, and swimming.